About GCB Driving School
  • Cheap introductory lessons followed by expensively priced lessons
  • Unnecessary additional lessons once you reach a safe standard and are test ready
  • A trainee instructor
  • An impersonal service
  • Prices that increase a few weeks after starting your lessons


Who am I?

Glen Belcher who lives in Nether Whitacre near Coleshill, a retired Police Officer with over 20 years experience as an advanced Police driver and in addition an Approved Driving Instructor.

What Area's do I cover?
  • Coleshill
  • Water Orton
  • Castle Bromwich
  • Castle Vale
  • Stechford
  • Kitts Green
  • Chelmsley Wood
  • Marston Green
  • Maxstoke
  • Meriden
  • Atherstone
  • Kingsbury
  • Lea Marston
  • Curdworth
  • Nether Whitacre
  • Whitacre Heath
  • Over Whitacre
  • Minworth

Don't worry if you are not in one of the above areas but you still want great driving lessons, just give me a quick call or fill out the contact form and I can let you know if you are in my catchment area straight away.

Why am I a driving instructor?

After many years investigating and supervising investigations of serious road traffic collisions, many involving newly qualified and young drivers, I decided to use what I had learnt to ensure new drivers taught by me would be as safe as possible when they started their new driving career. This is achieved by utilising many of the techniques I was taught as an advanced Police driver during the initial training to prevent new drivers making the common mistakes that lead to collisions.

How will I do this ?

I will offer a structured training programme so you know exactly where you are and what needs to be covered prior to your test. During your driver training many advanced driving techniques will be included so you develop the skills ( good habits) at the initial stage. Once the good habit is learnt you will continue to do it just like with bad habits. However the good habits from advanced driving will make you safer as you start your new driving career. This is why those taught by me can complete the Pass Plus for only £150

Why don’t you offer a block of cheap lessons to start?

My aim is to provide quality tuition not to ensure you have unnecessary lessons.
Those who take block bookings at the start of your training tie you in for a period of time. What if the instruction is poor? By paying initially per lesson with me in the unlikely event you don’t want to continue you can stop at any time without any additional cost.
I am confident you will be totally satisfied with the level of service you will receive.
I do offer the option to block book lessons once you are completely sure I am the right instructor for you and the prices for these are shown on this web site.